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Sweet Couple, Sweet Story

We really love spending time with individuals in informal, intimate life-on-life settings, making space for God’s Grace.


“Anytime you’re a safe place for another soul, when you slow and let your eyes fully receive theirs or your words nourish small things - you make room for God’s [transforming grace in another’s life.]” (adapted from Ann Voskamp's, The Greatest Gift)

Since February 2016, we've been meeting with Julio and Erin as we mentored them in preparation for their October wedding, which Larry had the privilege of officiating. When we began our journey with them, they were not Christ-followers, but in mid-June they each received Christ, as Savior, turning their lives over to Him. They are almost one year old in their new life in Christ! How they’re growing in trusting God with their daily lives!


Before Julio and Erin came for dinner recently, we prayed that we would be a safe place for them and be attentive to how God might want us to join Him in His transforming grace work in their lives. We enjoyed listening to, encouraging them, laughing and playing games together. We are honored to mentor this sweet couple! 

Larry & Marcy Archer 


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