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Ministry in Orlando

Jorge & Regina Soto

Jorge was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Orlando, FL. In 2005, he enlisted in the US Army, where he met the Navigators and was discipled during his five years of military service. He also moved to San Antonio and worked with the Collegiate Ministry there.

Regina was born and raised in Mexico City. Her parents became involved in the Navigator ministry when she was just a young girl. She grew up experiencing life-on-life discipleship from her parents, and has continued to live out that example in her life.

Jorge and Regina met in Mexico City when Jorge visited the ministry there in 2010. They soon hit it off as they discovered their shared passion for making disciples. After dating for about three years, they married in January of 2014. They currently reside in Orlando, FL, where they serve on staff with the Nations Within mission and the NavVida Network.

Since they got married in 2014, they have both been on a steep learning curve. They have experienced the clash of two distinct lives and cultures coming together for the first time—Regina with her Mexican culture (and all the changes that came with living in a new country), and Jorge with his Puerto Rican-American culture.

Our ministry:

2014 was all about sowing seed by building deeper relationships, living by example and sharing faith. Although Regina had just arrived in the States, she was instrumental in developing relationships with those whom we were trying to reach. We started that year strong, meeting with multiple family members for hangout time and plenty of Bible study and time in the Word. But we faced a period of discouragement when those whom we thought would be the first fruits of our labor began to distance themselves from God and, in turn, from us. But God has remained faithful to His promise and has continued to give us men and women in whom we can invest our lives.

In the last year, we have seen growth and improvement in our ministry. First, in March 2017, Cristian began living with us for training. This is the first time we have had someone live with us for training, and it has entailed changes and new stages of learning for us as well. We are currently meeting with one couple on a weekly basis for Bible study., as well as each getting together with individuals for one-on-one times. We are very thankful for the people and friends God is bringing into our lives.

Throughout this whole process, we have seen God’s guidance in our lives, first bringing us in contact with Jose Lamberty, and then with NavVida, and now being on staff with Nations Within reaching Hispanics. We are very encouraged with the way God is working in Orlando, and how He is putting hungry people in our path. We are praying and are excited to see what God will bring as we approach our fifth year in ministry and in marriage.


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