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Prayer Request: Discipleship Training

RIO GRANDE BIBLE COLLEGE has students from all over Latin America, the Caribbean (even Cuba), and Spain.  As part of their preparation for ministry, The Navigators have been given the privilege of adding to their curriculum discipleship training.


On November 19, we will be presenting seminars, in Spanish, on how to follow up on new believers. This focused interactive training precedes special outreaches that are planned for the students next month. Please ask for clarity in communication and conviction through the Holy Spirit in Biblical principles and fruitful strategies in establishing converts in their faith.

With Thanksgiving approaching soon, on Nov. 22, the Campus Ministry will again use this celebration as an opportunity to share the gospel. As we did last year, we will be interviewing students about what Thanksgiving means and what they are thankful about in their own lives.

As a conclusion of the survey, our club members will give their reason for being thankful by sharing their personal testimonies. Then a meaningful Gospel booklet will be given to the listeners, with an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. Intercede for the students, to have boldness and effective interaction with those who do the surveys. Pray that the Spirit would lead us to those who are seeking a purpose in life and that they would find Christ as their Savior!  


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