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Nervous Knocking

The automatic lock clicked open as Johnny (middle, in the photo) passed his key-card over the front door of his dorm hallway.  We were in.  Nerves began to rise up in us all, when Johnny turned to me and said,"Last time, I just invited those I 'kind of know'. Do you think I should invite other people too?"

​​I considered what he had asked, and after a somewhat extended pause I offered my suggestion,"Yes."

So Johnny, being the courageous freshman that he is, began to nervously knock on every door on his dorm floor.  One by one, the doors would open and Johnny or Arcy (right, in the photo) would ask their fellow students if they would like to come to our Bible discussion...where there would be cookies.  If they got stuck, I would chime in (fortunately, many on campus still think I am an upperclassman).  And in between doors, we would discuss how we might change what we say to invite people.

It ended up that two people Johnny "kind of didn't know", A* and B*, came to our Investigative Bible Discussion in the first chapter of the book of John!  After the pleasant discussion was over, Johnny and Arcy walked me out and we prayed for A* and B*.  It was an encouraging night for us!

Students involved in campus ministry are very capable of many forms of evangelistic outreach to their peers, even if they do not have the spiritual gift of evangelism.  With a little vision, encouragement and coaching, I find that the Holy Spirit and the students do the rest.

Another vital component are YOUR PRAYERS!  Please join us in praying.

*Pray that believing students would nervously knock for the sake of sharing Christ with their peers

*Pray that seeds of the Gospel would continue to be planted in the dorms with Investigative Bible Discussions.


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