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Nations Within and Navs Military Rally

On February 25th the Orlando Nations Within team hosted a Discipleship Rally in central Florida. A group from the Navs Military mission in Georgia joined us for the weekend event. This was the first time we’ve organized an event like this, and we are happy to say it was a success. God truly answered our prayers for that weekend!

Cristian, a growing disciple in our ministry, shared his testimony of how Jesus is no longer just Savior, but Lord of his life. Jorge spoke on the threefold Promise of Abraham that is handed down through the generations to Jesus and now also to us. This was the first time Cristian shared his testimony in a large group setting. Cristian did an outstanding job sharing his testimony, and several mentioned that they were both encouraged and challenged by his story of faith.

Jorge’s message on the promise of Abraham created plenty of conversation during dinner and multiple people said they felt challenged by it as well. We are most thrilled by the excitement and momentum this created for our team here that is still new and growing.

Jose was emcee for the event. As a young believer, this provided an opportunity for him to get in front of a large group to talk briefly about our ministry, introduce the speakers and lead the group in prayer.

Yajaira is a growing believer who meets with Regina for weekly bible study and spiritual mentorship. After the Rally, she said that she just felt like going out and telling people about Jesus! She left motivated to start laboring for the Kingdom!

We are trusting God to expand His Kingdom first, in the hearts of those he’s given us, and then through those they reach. 

Please pray for our ministry team: Jorge, Regina, Jose, Cristian and Yajaira.


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