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Discipleship Training

The large classroom had reached the capacity level, with eager and attentive faces. The six hours of seminar, in Spanish, progressed with interactions, role-playing, questions, discovery moments, and many spontaneous replies to problem/solution scenarios. The students at the Rio Grande Bible College, located in South Texas, acquired knowledge and practical skills for affirming and establishing new believers. This training found immediate application as mission groups prepared to leave promptly for Oklahoma, Kansas, and even Minnesota. (One gal from Cuba scrambled about to find a warm coat for the Minnesota weather.) Others of the group will be traveling on mission trips at later dates. A student from Ecuador asked if he could reproduce all the materials for discipleship training in his home church.

Therefore, we praise God greatly for the enthusiastic response of these students who are diligently preparing for ministering around the world. During the previous evening, we had the privilege to fellowship with the Student Missions Association on campus. Many devoted young men and women seek to serve God not only in Spanish speaking nations but also in other mission fields such as India, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. We exposed them to some of the mission programs of The Navigators.  Several showed sincere interest; their names are being passed along to the Nav missions department. Pray for all these precious servants of God!

This seminar at RGBC appeared as a prayer request in our article last month. So, we want to express our gratitude for all the intercessions lifted up for this ministry. 

Anew, we praise God for His mighty works in the Hispanic ministry, and we thank each of you for your co-laborship with us!


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