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Campus Outreach

The Nav Staff and team of laborers at Lone Star College are praising God this week for working through them during their campus outreach!

For some students shown here, this was a challenging new experience in boldly sharing their faith. The first day, Wednesday, was cloudy and cool; but Juan and Josue were able to talk to many students. On Thursday, there was lots of sunshine and an abundance of students in the courtyard. 

Dozens of personal interviews and hundreds of Gospel messages were given out. Events like this are important, not only because the Gospel is being preached to folks on the campus, but also because the students are learning valuable lessons in trusting God as they step out in faith and obedience to Christ. Please pray that the seed that was sown will grow to fruition and that the contacts that were made will follow up with additional opportunities to share the Gospel.  

"He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation'"

(Mark 16:15).


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