Latino in Christ: Embracing God's Gift of Your Latino Ethnic Identity

/ Led by Orlando Crespo in English /

Life as a Latino in America is complicated and sometimes painful.  Living between the two worlds of being Latino and American can generate great uncertainty and even trauma.  And the strange mixture of ethnic pride and racial prejudice creates dissonance that is difficult to work through alone. This track will help us answer questions like: 
Who are we as Latinas? Who are we as Americans? What has Christ to say about living out our ethnic identity with joy? How can we as Latinos live confidently in Christ as American Latinos? And how can we leverage a healthy ethnic identity that empowers us to step out courageously into the mission of God on campus, in our communities, and in the world? 

Raising Up Disciples in the Latino/Hispanic Church

/ Led by COMING SOON in English /

The church in the Hispanic/Latino culture is very relevant. This three-hour track will offer an in-depth and interactive experience into the culture of the Latino/Hispanic church. You will learn about relevant cross-cultural tools and approaches to make disciples through the church, which will in turn impact the community. A group of experienced Navigators will offer their insight in both Spanish and English, so that you can move forward to help your church develop a culture of disciplemaking.

Formando discípulos en la iglesia latina/hispána

/ Led by COMING SOON in Español /

En la cultura hispánica/latina, la iglesia todavía sigue siendo muy relevante.  Esta pista de 3 horas ofrecerá una experiencia en la cultura de la iglesia hispánica/latina que es profunda e interactivo.  Aprenderá de los herramientos relevantes e interculturales para hacer discípulos en la iglesia que van a impactar a su comunidad.  Un grupo muy experimentado de los Navegantes ofrecerá sus percepciones en inglés y español, para que pueda avanzar en ayudar a su iglesia en desarrollar una cultura del discipulado.

Discipleship in Racial Reconciliation

/ Led by Sandy Lee in English /

What does the Cross have to say about racial reconciliation? We will look at the paradigm shift in racial reconciliation within the church. What does it mean specifically for the majority culture and for people of color?  What do the movements of worship and lament and understanding fear have to with racial reconciliation?

Practicar la Justicia: The Immigration Conversation

/ Led by Stephanie Hobold & Erika Lobatos in English /

Micah 6:8 says, "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." The immigration conversation from the Latino and Hispanic experience is as old as "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue." In this track, we will be looking at what it means to act justly, love mercy, and walk with God within the immigration conversation here in the U.S. and the responisbility of those who follow Jesus. Join us for an interactive morning exploring the Scriptures, learning about systems, and practicals ways to practicar la justicia in word and deed. 

Encienda un fuego fresco en su relación con Jesús

/ Led by Jose Lamberty in Español /

¿Quién es este Jesús?  Cómo puedo desarrollar una relación con El que es íntima y dinámica?  Este taller se ayudará en conocerle más intimamente y en hacerle conocido a otros.




Reaching the Nations Juntos

/ Led by Paul Reynoso and Felix Colonnieves in English /

Come dialogue with recent and veteran Hispanic/Latino missionaries in an interactive environment.  Hear their personal God stories and ask your questions. Grow in your understanding of the why and how that is involved in going to the  Nations.  What part might God want you to have in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)?

Meaningful Cross-Cultural Ministry: Non-Latinos Living and Discipling Among Latinos

/ Led by Rachel Christofel in English /

How do we minister to brothers and sisters from a Hispanic/Latino background when we are from a different ethnic background?  How do we grow in our cross-cultural awareness, vision, and skills so we can love and disciple effectively across ethnic lines? Come dialogue together and learn how we can value, honor, and look like Jesus as we grow to become a multi-ethnic community.

The Gospel of Sex

/ Led by Laurence Koo in English /

Many of us grew up with a Christian background that has either been silent about sexuality or has only communicated negative messages about sex and sexuality  ("Don’t have sex before marriage"). But why has God created our sexuality, what did He have in mind when He created us man and woman, and why is it good? No matter where we are coming from, our sexual orientation, our sexual history—Jesus' calling on our sexuality as followers of Him is good news! During this workshop we will dig into the Scriptures to discover the gospel message of our bodies, gender, and sexuality.

¿Que hay de nuevo en ti?

/ Led by Mandy Diaz in Español /

El hombre siempre y constantemente está buscando el significativo de la vida (Salmo 8:3-4).  Pero esta necesidad de saber sólo se cumple cuando la persona experimenta al Cristo como su vida e identidad (Fil. 1:21, Col. 3:3).  En este taller, vamos a tomar en serio lo que dice la Palabra de Díos, no aceptándola ciegamente, sino examinándola honestamente; no racionalizando nuestros fracasos hasta que se parecen aceptables.  La grandeza y victoria de la expiación de Jesucristo verdaderamente son nuestros.

Función versus Fundación

/ Led by COMING SOON in Español /

Muchas veces en nuestro ministerio, pensamos que nos falta el tiempo para perfeccionar nuestra fundación (ser, carácter) y al mismo tiempo nuestra función (competencias, habilidades).  Como resultado, tendemos a descuidar el uno o el otro.  No es caso de "si/o," sino "ambos/y."  Tenemos que manejar esta polaridad para poder invertir tiempo suficiente y adecuado para perfeccionar ambos. 

How Catholic and Protestant Ministries are Partnering to Effectively Disciple a City

/ Led by Albuquerque City Team in English /

Albuquerque is home to a wide variety of Navigator ministries—both Catholic and Protestant.  Join our city team as we explain why we highly value our Catholic ministries, why we partner together as Catholics and Protestants, and lessons learned from one another.  We will share ideas for successfully partnering in the Body of Christ as well as resources for discipling our Catholic brothers and sisters.




A Kingdom Mosiac

/ Led by Tammy Murden in English /

Revelation 5:9 affirms that the Lord loves diversity and heaven will be a mosaic of peoples from every tribe and language and tongue and race. The Nations outside the United States miss out on many aspects of Jesus’ Kingdom when we send mostly white missionaries. Come engage with us over lunch on how you can advance the gospel to people groups living outside of the United States.  

Asians and Hispanics...Connecting Over Food

/ Led by Leihlyn Tinio and Karen Taniguchi in English /

“Why do Asians always talk about food?” We love to eat Asian food, love to chew on the Word of God, and love to have fun!  Come join us at our ASAM lunch and learn...similarities and differences between Asians, Hispanics, and other cultures, and how we can better know, love, support, and team with each other. Have you ever pondered the values you hold? Is your motivation based on obligation or feeling? Have you ever considered that how you communicate and face conflict is based on your culture? Come to a fun, interactive exercise where you will engage and experience the spectrum of cultural values.

Confías en mí? Do You Trust Me?

/ Led by Trey and Grace Souder in English /

A facilitated conversation about building trust cross-culturally- AFAM and Latino communities.

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