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An Abiding Disciplemaker

/ Led by Vic Black in English /

Abiding in Christ is at the very core of our relationship with God. It is a mystery we often overlook. In this workshop, we will explore how abiding more deliberately, more relationally, and more dependently empowers and gives life to us and to those we are discipling.

Discipleship: Is it only for the Pastor?

/ Led by Alex Mata in English & Spanish /

Is it only the pastor's job to make disciples in a local church? Who can make disciplemakers? Learn the answer to this question and more. Navigators Church Ministries offers resources and tools to help you intentionally make disciples in your local church. Alex Mata has served with The Navigators in Hispanic ministry for more than 30 years.

Being a Disciplemaker of Latinos

/ Led by Armando Madrid in English & Spanish /

Is disciplemaking among Latinos any different from disciplemaking in other cultures? What should you know? Who should you be? How should you do it? Join us to discuss the essentials of raising up disciplemakers among Latinos where you live, work, play, and worship.

The Journey: Identity in Christ and Ethnic Identity

/ Led by Joshua Borunda & Samuel Huxford in English /

While processing our identity in Christ is paramount, understanding our ethnic identity is often neglected. These two facets of our identity may seem separate, but they are more parallel than we may think. Both require a journey of understanding the depths of what God intends. Join us as we seek to understand this journey, that we may help others in their discipleship journeys with their identity in Christ and ethnicity.

Ministering Among Latinos When I'm Not

/ Led by Laura Jenkins & Hannah Kelsey-Town in English /

Many of us have a heart for Latino people, and God has sovereignly ordained friendships with them. But what if we aren’t Latino? How can we effectively walk alongside our friends across cultures? We will share personal stories and experiences, as well as share from a Latino perspective what has been helpful and what hasn't in encouraging spiritual growth.

Engaging a Hot Topic: Homosexuality

/ Led by Laurence Koo in English /

Learn how to approach the topic of homosexuality from a biblical, cultural, pastoral, and missional perspective. We can engage and love the LGBT community well while still embracing God's beautiful picture and purpose of sexuality between man and woman.

Finding God—and Yourself—in Grief and Loss

/ Led by Peggy Reynoso in English & Spanish /

There’s so much in life we can’t control. As long as things are going well, we can trust God in all the uncertainty. When the worst happens and pain becomes a constant companion, God invites us into a new walk with Him. Together we will explore how to help others and ourselves experience God on the journey we never wanted to take.

Your Story and The Nations

/ Led by Ethan Jasso in English /

Learn how God wants to use you to reach the nations, not in spite of who you are, but because of who you are.

A Place for Latinos in the Race Conversation

/ Led by D.A. Horton in English /

Learn Our country has become polarized in how we think and feel about racial injustice. In a conversation that tends to be black and white, how do Latinos fit into this conversation? How can God use Latinos to bring about His good purposes. In our time together, we will work to develop our necessary "Brown Voice".

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