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LaVida Network is a ministry of The Navigators who desire to see Hispanics/Latinos experience, embrace, and celebrate God’s Kingdom as generational disciplemakers.


Dates: November 4-6, 2022

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Albuquerque, NM


Registration Cost: 

  • Navigators staff $249

  • Non-Navigators staff $199

Book a discounted flight with United. (You will want to compare other airlines as this may not be the cheapest option.)

Hotel Cost: 

  • $124/night for 2 people, breakfast included

  • $5/night per person for additional person in hotel room

To make a reservation: Select dates of check-in and check-out, the number of guests in room, then click search. It will give you 2 options to select. Please note depending on the number of people in the room, this may increase your sleeping room rate by $5-15 per night. This will be reflected in the confirmation email and/or when you check-in to hotel. 


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D.A. Horton serves as the Program Director for Intercultural Studies and Assistant Professor at California Baptist University. He is also an Associate Teaching Pastor at The Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA. He and his wife Elicia have been married for 19 years and have three children. D.A. is working on his PhD dissertation in Applied Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


He earned his B.S. in Biblical Studies at Calvary Bible College and his Masters degree in Christian Studies from Calvary Theological Seminary. He has authored nine books with his most recent, Are you Good with God, published through Moody Publishers.

Fast tracks will equip you with practical ways to engage in life-to-life discipleship in the Latin community. How fast? 30 minutes of content and then 30 minutes of conversation. You’ll learn about discipleship in a specific context and then talk with others around your table about what it would look like to implement what you have just heard. It’s so fast, you get to do it twice. So choose two fast-tracks about discipleship you are most interested in learning. 

Fast Track #1

Fast Track #2

Discípulo en la Iglesia

/ Led by Armando Madrid in Spanish /


Discipleship on the College Campus

/ Led by Sarah Guiterez in English /

Discipleship in the Nations

/ Led by Paul Reynoso in English /

Discipleship in the Military

/ Led by Victor Padilla in English /

Discipleship in Communities Affected by Injustice and Poverty

/ Led by Laura Jenkins in English /

Discipleship in My Neighborhood

/ Led by David Dyrud in English /

Discípulando en las Naciones

/ Led by Paul Reynoso in Spanish /

Discipleship in the Church

/ Led by Armando Madrid in English /

Discipleship on the College Campus

/ Led by Sarah Guiterez in English /

Discipleship in Communities Affected by Injustice and Poverty

/ Led by Laura Jenkins in English /

Discipleship in My Neighborhood

/ Led by David Dyrud in English /

Discipleship among International Students

/ Led by Joel Otero in English /

Workshop # 1

Rooted in the Word to make Catholic Disciples

/ Led by Abe & Lizzy Chavez in English /

This workshop focuses on duplicatable methods that can be used to assist Catholics in their discipleship journey. With Christ as our example, we aim to have a heart of love and understanding as we accompany them. You will also receive a few recommendations and some suggested resources that will assist in discipling your Catholic friends.

Discipleship in the Latino Context

/ Led by Alex Mata in English /

Have you ever wondered how God could use you in reaching the 61 million Latinos in the US for Christ? If you want to explore what the Word of God says about reaching a people group; come and explore how you can participate in making Latino Disciples for Christ. It will be a discovery workshop with interactive time to begin your own journey of discovery on how to avoid some pitfalls and gain clarity on this topic: make disciples of all nations.

Discipleship as a Latina

/ Led by Alicia Garcia & Jen Gonzalez in English /

Discipleship is living life together as we become more like Jesus. What does this mean for us as Latinas? What is discipleship anyway and what does this mean for you and me?

Somos Discípulos: A Life-Long Discipleship Strategy for Latino men 

/ Led by D.A. Horton in English /

During our time together we will discover and deepen our understanding of discipleship with the framework of Misión Integral. This holistic approach applies Scripture to our communication, decisions, endurance, goals, network, and close relationships. Since Jesus is the Lord over all creation, discipleship is the life-long process of us living under His Lordship in every area of our lives. 

Arraigado en Cristo  

/ Led by Mandy Diaz en Espanol /

El hombre siempre y constantemente está buscando el significativo de la vida (Salmo 8:3-4). Pero esta necesidad de saber sólo se cumple cuando la persona experimenta al Cristo como su vida e identidad (Fil. 1:21, Col. 3:3). En este taller, vamos a tomar en serio lo que dice la Palabra de Díos, no aceptándola ciegamente, sino examinándola honestamente; no racionalizando nuestros fracasos hasta que se parecen aceptables. La grandeza y victoria de la expiación de Jesucristo verdaderamente son nuestros.

Workshop #2

Leading Like Jesus

/ Led by Andrew Duran & Alice Matagora in English /

God has empowered and called each person to be a leader. The question is, what does that actually mean? And what exactly does a leader do? Join us as we search the Scriptures for the answers to these questions and equip you with a framework to help demystify what biblical leadership entails.

Mental Health and the Gospel: A Roadmap for Hope

/ Led by Josh & Caitlin Borunda in English /

Join us as we discuss the topic of mental health, the gospel, and how it intersects with the Latino/a community (including some of the unique challenges). We will discuss the four "places" we can find ourselves on the "roadmap" of our emotional and mental health journey and what our calling and purpose as Christians could be. If you or a loved one struggles with mental health issues, this could be a helpful workshop for you!

Embracing your Ethnic Identity in Christ

/ Led by Chris Ballesteros in English /

You didn’t choose what culture you were born into, but God didn’t make a mistake. He has a purpose for why you were born and raised the way you were. Come find out how to embrace both your identity while honoring and leveraging your ethnic identity for Christ.

Arraigados en la Palabra de Dios para hacer Discipulos Catolicos 

/ Led by Gustavo and Cecilia Medina en Espanol /

Este taller se enfoca en métodos que son duplicables y que pueden ayudar a los católicos en su jornada de discipulado. Como el ejemplo de Cristo, nuestro objetivo es tener un corazón de amor y comprensión cuando ayudemos a nuestros compañeros católicos. También recibirán algunas recomendaciones y recursos que los ayudarán a discipular a su familia y a sus amigos católicos.


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